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The goals of the AIHDP are to bring to light the health problems faced by indigenous peoples, to understand how we came to our unhealthy situations and what we can do about them. You will find no fry bread recipes here! This site also focuses on connecting with the natural world, finding ways to do our part to be responsible consumers and to halt environmental degradation.

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NEW: Medicinal Plants Used by the Five Tribes (Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Muscogees and Seminoles)

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Baldwin Bobcat pouncingA bobcat pounces on a field mouse behind my neighbor's house.

A Tour of the Baker Wetlands in Lawrence, KS:

Deer in wetlands

Coming Soon: Plants Used by tribes in Indian Territory

corn in indian territory

My current book project, Surviving Indian Territory, is an exploration of how tribes lived in Indian Territory, post removal through the depression. I'll be posting selected excerpts of chapters from volume one, "The Five Tribes," on medicinal, food, and dye plants and how one can grow these in the home garden.

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About the American Indian Health website

It is overseen by Devon A. Mihesuah, enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
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THIRD ANNUAL Week of Eating IndIgenous Foods: In Support of Martin Reinhardt's Decolonizing Diet Project, NOV. 3-9, 2013

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Puerto Rican foods

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List of Food Films

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Suggestions for Diabetics

Suggestions for diabetics.

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Tosh and Josh unload mulch.

Below: My interview in the Chronicle of Higher Education, April 25, 2010 "Saving American Indians' Diet"

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If you are writing about indigenous food and/or health, please keep in mind that if you plan to utilize contributions from here, it is appropriate to cite this website.


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